Art Monthly April Issue – Merryn Gates reviews Mildura Palimpsest #8

This month’s Art Monthly includes a review of Mildura Palimpsest #8 – Collaborators and Saboteurs by Merryn Gates. Merryn was in Mildura last September for the event – which was a full weekend of formal talks, artist talks and great exhibitions. Curated by Helen Vivian and Kristian Haggblom, over 50 artists were involved in the weekend event including Ken and Julia Yonetani, Paul Carter, Kate Cotching, Chim Pom, Tuomas Laitinen and Maree Clarke.

Included in her review is paragraph about my installation piece Wallflower – Mirror, rorriM.

Merryn writes …. “also within Rio Vista was a beautifully resolved installation by Filomena Coppola, dealing with the transplantation of a European decorative tradition into the Mallee’s sandy soil. One was prevented from a close viewing of her drawings by an ornate sand work on the floor of the tiny basement room. On the opening night, one could enter the room, but many found that trangression difficult. From the distance fo the doorway, Coppola’s illusionistic rendering of fur remained ambiguous, a meditation on the limitations of vision that I really responded to.”

Wallflower - Mirror, rorriM 2011 Pastel on paper (108h x 216w cm) Mildura Red Loam and Sand, Rio Vista (Basement)









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