On the way to the Studio

On the way to the Studio on Saturday 8 July

First stop was an early call in to the market at the Ornamental Lakes which is near the banks of the Murray River.

Looking from the Ornamental Lakes to the Murray River








The Market specializes in local produce and really yummy sweet things too!! I always buy the yummy Italian biscuits, but there are greek sweets, muffins and bread all freshly made!!

Local Produce at Market









On the way back from the market I got to see a hot air balloon getting filled up. I know it looks sunny but it was a very chilly morning and the fire of the furnace look beautiful. By the time it got up in the air it would have been a perfect day for ballooning.

Filling up with Hot Air








After the market I went along to whitecubemildura’s artist walk. A great morning walk and visit to three micro galleries, with three local artist exhibiting in three local business. The meeting place for the first gallery is Stefano’s Cafe – great coffee to get us all started.

All ready for the whitecubemildura's artist walk. Front right is whitecubemildura organisers Dean Worthington (and hiding behind him is Rohan Morris)

Then off to the studio for a day of work!! The studio is such a great place to end up at. Lots of great light and warm sun through the windows and a back yard for a bit of quiet fresh air. And great company as I share the space with Kate Cotching.

The Olive Avenue Studio that Kate Cotching and I share.

My studio on Saturday – getting close to the end of an 8 metre drawing called Chasing the Disappeared.  The roll at the top is getting bigger and for the first time there is no fresh white paper leading to the roll which is empty behind the glassine!! The end in sight and it is the first time I have seen the horizontal edge since I stared working about three months ago!!

My studio - working views of Chasing the Disappeared

And a peek in to Kate Cotching’s Studio. Kate has an exhibition opening at 27 Deakin in late July.

Kate at her studio

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