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Mildura Living Magazine Photoshoot

Mildura Living Magazine is a fabulous glossy local magazine which feature the arts, yummy local produce and recipes, historic homes and great stories accompanied by lots of photographs. The latest winter issues features a six page spread on my work with all the images taken in my studio. Thanks to Toni, Errine and Sharon at Mildura Living for the amazing coverage. The photographs are by the wonderful Darren Seiler. And a very big thank you to Helen Vivian for her sensitive insight and beautiful words. 

Follow the link to read the complete article featured in the Mildura Living Magazine

Following are a few details that Darren Seiler took in the studio.

Pastels and brushes - The beginning of a new work.


My new pastel drawings always begin with an audit of my pastel stock. I can get some pastels locally at Premier Art Supplies in Mildura but the others are all ordered on line through Melbourne. Thankfully I have amazing people who look after me at Chapman and Bailey, Seniors Art Supplies, MES and Heidelberg Art Supplies.

Detail of drawings

These drawings came from a couple of afternoon sessions drawing the installation work of Ken and Julie Yonetani – still life: the food bowl. An extraordinary cast salt installation which was exhibited as part of Mildura Palimpsest #8.




Detail of drawings from the Wallflower Series


These drawings were part of my exhibition at Australian Galleries in Melbourne titled Wallflower – The Event in February of this year.

The exhibition is on line on my website or you can visit Australian Galleries.



Winter Cover 2012


And check out the Mildura Living Magazine on line.

Winter Issue 2012.

Inside you can read about some interesting locals and be inspired by people who are trying to make a difference in our community. For those looking for new and wonderful cooking
ideas, look no further than our pages dedicated to all things food. The avid gardeners are not ignored with loads
of winter gardening advice to keep green thumbs busy.



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