Wallflower – The Event Installation Shots

In the window, Wallflower - Animal instinct #2







L-R: Wallflower - Scratch my belly, Wallflower - A naughty tale






L-R: Wallflower - Precious blossom, Wallflower - Tickle me pink, Wallflower - A monumental implication and Wallflower - A tickle and a giggle







L-R: Wallflower - Meow, make me purr, Wallflower - Bub a boo





L-R: Wallflower – meow, make me purr, Wallflower – Speaking tongues, Wallflower – Mirror, rorriM (Installation)







L-R: Wallflower - Mirror, rorriM (Installation), Wallflower - Can't you see me, Wallflower - The last belle, Wallflower - A lick and a slurp #1 and #2, Wallflower - Hold out your hand #1 and #2







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