Beautiful Soup – St Heliers St Gallery, The Abbotsford Convent

I was in Melbourne on the weekend for the opening of Beautiful Soup – a print folio curated by Rona Green and involving 55 artists. The opening was a fun occasion with lots of artists, lots of prints and fabulous weather.







At the opening with Rona Green centre, and Georgia Thorpe, exhibiting artist and Marketing Manager at the Print Council of Australia. And a glimpse at the artwork in the background.







Sorting the edition of my print – Greetings from Mildura. A little bit of quality control going on in the studio before the curating and signing of the edition takes place.








Greetings from Mildura, etching 18h x 13w cm 2012

“Greetings from Mildura” is a tribute to the region where I was born and the migrant community that made it their new home. Spiralling vines produce the juicy grapes that are grown for fresh fruit and wine production, the cicada represents the sound of summer and the five letters; j,k,w, x, y reference my heritage as they are the five letters that are not found in the Italian alphabet.

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