Mother Tongue – the beginnings

Earlier this year I was successfully funded by Regional Arts Victoria for a project called Mother Tongue.

Mother Tongue is a multimedia, sound, film and drawing installation exploring the evolving Italian dialects from the first generation of Italian immigrants to move to Mildura, and their subsequent second and third generations’ use of the language. This project will provide a dynamic connection between the voices and faces of immigration to this region. This project is funded by the Federal Government through Regional Arts Victoria.

My mum Pina recording the alphabet with Robert Klarich








With Robert Klarich – the amazing film and sound man on this project we have started recording the first generation of migrants speaking the alphabet. The Italian alphabet has 21 letter and the english has 26. It has been an extraordinary and humbling experience to be allowed to hear stories of migration, elation and hardship from this generation. I only hope that this project can convey half the sentiment that it carries with it.

The entrace to the Bocce Club in Irymple (near Mildura)








I have been visiting the Bocce Club in Mildura which is an Italian Club which culture, food and interaction between the elderly members of the Italian Community. Bocce and card playing are regular Sunday afternoon activities before a feast of home cooked dinners – comforting pastas and fabulous mains and my absolute favourites – the most amazing home made olives!!

An afternoon of Bocce at the Club.









The card sharks!!










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